10 Great Tips To Encourage Your Child To Read

10 Great Tips To Encourage Your Child To Read

Today we are here with some important tips to encourage your child to read. These 10 tips are really effective and easy to apply. So let's check them now. 

10 Great Tips To Encourage Your Child To Read: 

1. Find books that interest your child. 

Take your child along to the library or bookstore and let him pick his books. If he prefers sci-fi over national geographic, so be it. Use your judgement in censoring books, but don't forbid an entire category of books.

2. Talk about the book

Casually ask what the book is about at the dinner table. Getting your child to talk about what he reads stimulates his memory and enhances his narrative skills. Showing your interest in his reading will make the activity seem important and worthwhile to your child.

3. Comic books aren't necessarily evil

Research has shown that comics are a great way to encourage reading and enhancing your child's vocabulary. Comics may be simplified reading, but reading doesn't always have to be intense. 

4. Read along

If your child is still learning to read, read along to make sure he learns right. If he is old enough to read by himself, make reading a group activity. Set a good example by reading in front of your child.

5. Gift books

Children look forward to rewards and gifts. Surprise them once in a while with a good book on a birthday or on report day and make a big deal about the gift. You'll be pleasantly surprised to see how much they value it.

6. Contemporary reading

Find books that relate to your child's daily activities and interests. If he plays a sport, get him books about his favourite sportsmen. If he loves animals, get him magazines about animals or a story book that revolves around an animal... if you've just returned from a vacation, encourage him to read about the place.

7. Help your child find reading groups

Take your child to a story telling session. Or help him find friends that read as well. There is nothing that motivates a child more than the right amount of peer pressure. Encourage your child and his friends to exchange books and discuss stories.

8. Movie or TV show related books make popular reading

If your child enjoys watching TV more than reading, find books that have been adapted into movies or are based on his favourite TV show. Harry Potter is a fantastic example and a very good read.

9. Have your child read to younger siblings

Children love responsibility and superiority. Appreciate your child's reading skills and set him on a task to read out to his younger sibling. And don't forget to reward him.

10. It doesn't always have to be a book

Reading material is found everywhere: board game rules, fix-it-yourself manuals, recipe books, children's newspapers, etc.

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